The place

Located on the wine route, 5 minutes from Saint-Estèphe, Château Réal is a mansion built at the beginning of the 19th century.

The building of character offers an intimate and refined setting in the heart of the Médoc, between the vineyards and the ocean.



These 3 words perfectly describe the very special atmosphere of Château Réal.


The story


Legend has it that Sieur Réal was taken in love with a woman

and built a mansion between land and sea in order to seduce her.

This is how "La maison Réal" was born five years later.

As the suitor never fell in love, he sold the property soon after.


Beginning of the 19th century

The Chomel-Tronquoy family, known for its many wine properties in the Médoc, bought "La maison Réal" and joined it to the vines. She thus created "Le Château Réal".

The building remained thereafter in the same family more than 200 years until today.


Since 2020, a new page has opened for Le Château Réal, that of a building more than ever anchored in its time and in its territory with new owners in love with old stones.