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The place

Located on the wine route, 5 minutes from Saint-Estèphe, Château Réal is a mansion built at the beginning of the 19th century.

The building of character offers an intimate and refined setting in the heart of the Médoc, between the vineyards and the ocean.



These 3 words perfectly describe the very special atmosphere of Château Réal.


The story

1800 The Real House

La Maison Réal is a place built for seduction. Monsieur Réal, a high-ranking Napoleonic officer, built it to win a heart.

Taking up all the codes of the authentic mansions of the Bordeaux region, lookout for the vines and the estuary, the building is on the front line of the wine route between squares, châteaux, sand and pine forests.


It is a mythical place that evokes the golden age of great vintages in the heart of a preserved site.


1820 The Château Réal

The aristocracy and the upper middle class, such as the Tronquoy family, took an interest in the estate, attracted by the quality of the terroir and the magic of the place. The vine is added to the stone and Le Château Réal is born.


From generation to generation, he sees the great events of history pass and is immersed in them.

2020 New caretakers

In 2020, we wake up the sleeping beauty with heavy work.

This is how Le Château Réal is reborn, a perfect setting with a panoramic view of the vineyards and the river. The owners' warm and contemporary spirit is added to the unspoiled authenticity of the Bordeaux chateau.

The guest house, the swimming pool, the terrace and the park are reinvented with refined and uninhibited luxury.

The Château Réal becomes the unmissable meeting place for all wine lovers, large spaces and elegance, a lively place of exchanges and meetings.

Between privacy and discretion, we take advantage of the passing time and the present moment.

In summer and at weekends, the atmosphere is friendly and rejuvenating, while winter can be discovered by a fireplace.

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